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Looking for an adaptable sod well-suited to Florida’s climate?  Then Floratam sod is the ideal choice.  This thick, rich variety of St. Augustine grass thrives in full sunlight, is Florida Friendly, and is drought tolerant.  If you want a sod that can deal with a range of soil conditions and performs well in the Florida environment, then Floratam is the sod you need to develop a beautiful landscape.  With a full, plush appearance that brings out a marvelously textured green, you’ll set a new standard with your Floratam sod. And with delivery and installation available, you won’t even break a sweat bringing beautiful Floratam lawn to your property.

Let your lawns flourish with Floratam.

Delivery and installation available.

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Floratam facts:

 •  Adaptable to Many Soil Conditions

 •  Plush Appearance

 •  Prefers Full Sun Exposure

 •  Regular Mowing Recommended

 •  Drought Tolerant

 •  Rapid Growth Potential

 •  Thick, Wide Blades